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Gardens of Louisiana, LLC is a Design – Installation Fully Insured and Bonded Contractor for a wide variety of landscaping services. As an independently owned, skillfully managed, residential and commercial landscape Design and Installation Company; we are adept at small residential projects as well as large multi-family residential communities, commercial/industrial properties and municipalities. Gardens of Louisiana, LLC has experienced tremendous success on projects of any size in custom installations. We are a full-service service provider to create the landscape of your dreams. We bring well established experience in landscaping excellence, understanding of client's needs, priorities and satisfactions.

Our highly trained team of experts are certified professionals that provide outstanding quality hardscape and softscape installations and horticultural services by organizing, planning and execution of skills to meet each and every project. We have built our reputation for both our innovative approach and successful project completion. Our success is by being above and beyond our client's expectations.

The performance of our company is committed to be the most efficient landscaping provider in each installation in the industry delivering the highest level of quality service. Our professional image and dedication of team work embraces honesty, reliability and respect to improve our client's needs.

"Our business is based on personalized, friendly service. It's important for our crew to have both Integrity and honesty with dependable results for our clients and those subcontractors with which we work in conjunction. Office staff, architects, suppliers and laborers understand our commitment to the end results; our satisfied customers. We continue to research new procedures, products and materials to pro actively integrate innovative ideas into our work." -Tina Dowell Pickett - Principle Owner, Gardens of Louisiana, LLC


We specialize and have experience in contracting and project managing small, medium and large custom residential and commercial projects from start to finish. This involves personally designing, bidding, overseeing, coordinating and managing all of the company's projects, including layout, instructing and directing the crew, and oversight and verification of all subcontractors' work. By doing this, we can maintain close communication with everyone — clients, architects, subcontractors, suppliers and the on-site crew. We take personal interest and responsibility for everything that goes into our workflow.

Our aim is to ensure client support and satisfaction through two-way communication, up-to-date technology, skilled craftsmanship and integrity throughout the entire process.


We provide support every step of the way in achieving your landscaping needs. For every project we:

Create a visually and esthetically pleasing art form with comprehensive design and an effective landscape construction plan to be viewed as works of art.

We are equipped to coordinate with your builder, if required, for unparalleled quality control.

Perform site preparation, grading and drainage for an exterior both rich and distinctive to be enjoyed year after year.

During the entire landscaping process we execute reliable, full oversight, management, supervision and quality control.

Totally committed to provide comprehensive project installations with impeccable service.



All members of our team at Gardens of Louisiana, LLC are specialty contractors and artisans with the expertise, skill and the commitment it takes to complete each project feature.

We Use the Team Approach

Collaboration benefits both the project designer, homeowner, sub-contractors, AND the project, by providing continuity and a high-quality performance level on both large and small scale custom projects.

We Aim to Perform to the Highest Standards

Diligent care, attention to details and subtle variations are critical because we work with many natural products, as well as living materials. The quality of the ecosystem friendly materials we use matches the quality of our workmanship.

We Take Pride in Our Business Approach

Since our company is independently-owned and managed, we are hands-on; personally involved in every aspect of each project, large and small. We feel vested in and committed to our work, and we understand that the work we do will have a powerful impact on the lives of our clients and on future referrals.

We're Licensed, Insured and Bonded
Gardens of Louisiana, LLC
General Liability Insurance & Worker's Compensation


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